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 Posted: Fri Apr 20th, 2007 02:53 pm
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Ahh Ok  thats makes more sence. At Missionary Ridge ..

It is jthought that.. That that  the portion of the of the battlefield  broke first Nov. 25th.  was the area of Deas brigade held.. 

Accourding to Brig. General Manigualt  Who ways beside Deas. Brigade . Deas Brigade  works were built upon the or near the crest of the ridge not the military crest..  So when the union army charged up the hill they were upon them  before  before they could fire more than  volley or two and then the line broke. 

Manigualt Brigade had a clear view of fire and  held out longer and watched Deas Brigade  broke.

Then of course the Deas Brigad was only a fraction of its former self  after the Battle of Chickamuga

Texas you are correct Deas outfited the 22nd but was only commander for a short while..  Deas briefly took command of the Brigade at Shiloh after Brig Gen. Gladden  was killed and are Col Adams of the 1st La Inf was wounded and then Deas  himself was wounded. 

The Brigade was reorganized  before the battle Murfreesboro & Deas  officialy took command of the Brigade (On Paper) but due to his wounds Col Loomis commanded the Brigade on the field.   

The Mssionary ridge  event is  the  only shamefull act "if you call it that" Blame it on who placed them on the crest of the hill.. I think it was Hindman. 

Having relatives in the brigade I have followed them pretty closely through out the war. As well as Manigualt's  Which I had ywo relatives in the 28th Alabama. 



"After General Gladden was wounded the command devolved upon Colonel Adams, of the 1st Louisiana Infantry, who continued in charge, doing deeds of noble daring, until about 2 p.m., when he fell severely wounded. Colonel Deas, of the 22nd Alabama, then took command for the rest of the day, receiving several wounds, but still remaining upon the field, deporting himself as a true soldier, exposing himself to the fire of the enemy, and winning the hearts of the whole brigade."  Colonel J. Q. Loomis Battle of Shiloh[size=4 PT]

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