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 Posted: Fri Apr 20th, 2007 11:28 pm
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Almost all of the places were visited while I was in the Submarine Service in the late '70's - early '80's. By far my favoritewas Holylock. Many that I served with hated it because they loved to party - rowdy parties with 20-30 mates. This was NOT a place to do that, and the locals had no problem letting them know that. I, on the other hand, preferred to grab a good single-malt scotch by myself or one or two friends and observe the locals. I was always respectful, letting them know that I realized I was in their turf. Once they realized we weren't the typical rowdy US servicemen, they took to us nicely. Spent many pleasant evenings near a fireplace having philosophical discussions with the locals. Had to return to the sub overnight, so can't help with overnight accomadations, plus it was almost 30 years ago so not sure I'd remember. But two places I spent some quality time at were the Holy Loch Inn and the Cot House Hotel in nearby Dunoon. Great times.

Rota, Spain - absolute worst. Horribly filthy. Stinks to high heaven. The populace hated Americans and there was a better chance than not of getting mugged or worse. Hate it with a passion.

London - the best historical city in the world, but very, very expensive, even back then in pre-Euro days.

Stuttgart - probably the most beautiful spot I've ever seen. Castles and the Black Forest. Drunk most of the time unfortunately.

Rome - See London

Canada - US with a different name

All my scary stoies involve hookers, so I better not

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