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 Posted: Sun Apr 22nd, 2007 08:36 am
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Tom I agree about Pompeii and one of my Civil War round table friends is headed there next month along with other places .  I would like to go back to England and get out of London area to see more of the countryside.  Also go back to Berlin and see what it is like without the Wall down the middle.  That was one of the most chilling things I saw on any trip I have been on 

The Wall

Dachua and being given the tour by a German friend . 

Anne Frank's secret Annex. 

Those are the most chilling

The most memorial  bsides the above listed.

The crown jewels , Westminster Abby just like I saw them both when I was a kid watching on TV.

The Eiffel tower and racing a friend down the stairs from the top. Hey I was a lot younger and in better shiape.

The viking ships in Norway and Denmark,

The ancient ruins in Rome and Athens.   In Rome I thought of the Edith Warton short story Roman Fever.  Had to go home before I found out why.

Ell Greco paintings and the city of Toledo. then going to the Bullfights and to dinner where Hemingway went  in Madrid.

The Alps  amazing mountains but I still like the Rockies better

Don't laugh . . . Standing on the spot where Savonarola burned at the Stake in Florence.   I was a medieval -Renaissance History Major  what can I say.

Seeing the Pieta and the David , 

The Louvre The Prado and Thorvaldson art museum in Copenhagen. 

Riding on the Risenvald in Vienna .  AND dancing a Viennese Waltz with someone who knew how under the starlight in Vienna .  He was a complete stranger I never saw before or ever again.   The whole time I was dancing I was thanking my mom for making me take those ballroom dance lessons when I was 12. 

Now though I will stick to the USA sooo much more to see.  I have parts of the Oregon Trail to do, Parks of the Lewis and Clark trail to finish,  I have battlefields to visit, Including Little Big Horn.  And cemeteries to visit that I can leave.  A friend just reminded me I see to drag him to every cemetery I can find . I told him no just the ones with Confederate and Union soldiers to visit.  


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