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 Posted: Mon Apr 23rd, 2007 03:33 pm
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Speaking of Sherman's quotes, I think they got one slightly wrong -- couldn't say it was intentional and won't say it was a nod to the Sherman haters. This was the one where Sherman said something like "the negro was unequal to the white." The scriptwriters started off right by qualifying the statement -- the slave being largely illiterate and unaccustomed to the society into which he would be required to fit -- but they left out the word "soldier." Sherman's objection to the black soldier was his conviction that the newly freed slave couldn't equal the white soldier. (Sherman's Civil War, Simpson & Berlin, Editors). He was, of course, wrong, but he wasn't being particularly racist when he wrote that.

Another treatment I thought might have been more complete was the incident at Ebenezer Creek. That was most unfortunate and reflects badly on the Federal General J. C. Davis. It was however, militarily justifiable. Left dangling was the idea that Wheeler's arrival might have been more the cause of the drownings than the withdrawn bridge.

Otherwise, I was pleased to note that the History Channel went to great lengths be be as fair as possible in the presentation.



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