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 Posted: Mon Apr 23rd, 2007 04:45 pm
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ole wrote: Another treatment I thought might have been more complete was the incident at Ebenezer Creek. That was most unfortunate and reflects badly on the Federal General J. C. Davis. It was however, militarily justifiable. Left dangling was the idea that Wheeler's arrival might have been more the cause of the drownings than the withdrawn bridge.

Otherwise, I was pleased to note that the History Channel went to great lengths be be as fair as possible in the presentation.



Neo-confederates like to point to that particular episode as some sort of mark against the evil Yankees, but which side was the one killing them or sending them back into slavery? :?

Common sense doesn't always apply because if the Rebs chasing them weren't harmful to the blacks well being, pulling the bridges would have been largely inconsequential.

I'm not sure what was and wasn't promised to the refugees. I got the impression that they only wanted the able bodied to stay with the army and didn't want to be slowed down by stragglers. They even tried to shed some of them before reaching Ebenezer. Some suggested that they should have gone to Andersonville to liberate the POW's there. I don't see that as practical because it was not anywhere close to where they were headed. That also goes to show how focused they were on priority one.

Jefferson C. Davis obviously had his issues, starting with his controversial shooting of Bull Nelson. It's too bad he was a Hoosier.

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