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 Posted: Tue Jan 10th, 2006 01:53 am
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I have since  I first posted read many reiviews of the book. One said he did extensive research he read a book about the Civil War . sounded like it was Shelby Foote or the like . 

Most of the reviews are good.  They praise the book.  Interesting though one reviewer  Vincent D. Balitas is a poet, teacher and critic in Pottsville, Pa. 
     did say in his review in the Washington Times this :

How historically accurate is the novel? Civil War buffs will have a grand time debating this or that point. Historical figures do appear, including Lincoln and Grant and others are mentioned. One of the most interesting is Kil Kilpatrick, a swashbuckling officer who provides some dark comic relief. Kilpatrick appears in Gen. Sherman's "Memoirs." However, readers who seek their history in fiction are looking for trouble. Writers have been known to ignore verifiable facts to get a good story. A novel, after all, is a fiction, is a lie.

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