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 Posted: Tue Apr 24th, 2007 07:19 pm
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HI all,

After all the trash that the HC has put out lately, I was pleasantly surprised at this.

Back before the discovery of the family link to G.K. Warren, I was a big time student and reader of the War in the West. As a result I became quite familiar with W.T. Sherman.

So when this was first announced I was a bit reluctant to even watch it. But the more I followed the production of it, and then Javals review, I decided to watch it with an open mine.

I am glad I did. Though it has its faults (Sherman/Grant vs Grant and Cump,) and the lack of acknowledgement of Shermans attachment to the South in nothing more then general terms, (Yes I think it should have been noted that he was the Superintendant of what was to become LSU), it was worth it.

I am with Javal on this. We so often are ready to rip HC when it screws up. This time. They did a good job. Problems ? Yes. But it warrants an "Attaboy" to the HC and its producers.

Heck I have wondered if they would consider doing something on the Warren Court of Inquiry or even Porters.


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