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 Posted: Wed Apr 25th, 2007 03:49 pm
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That was my point, that some of the research was sloppy.  The "reform" quote I've only seen on the Internet all the good boiographies have used "refine."   So did they use Internet sources for their script?

I was just throwing out that IMO not going to Augusta was a flaw in Sherman's strategy.  He destroys the mill there and the ANV is out of gunpowder before the end of 1864, war ends sooner.  Millidgeville was a much lesser target of strategic importance.


I believe Sherman was a man of contradicitons and the show pointed that out nicely, i.e. blowing up soldiers with mines is an outrage but driving civilians out of Atlanta (which the show did not mention but should have) and burning their homes and stealing all their food is not controversial.  Total war today is not viewed as revolutionary as it was to the 19th century mindset.   Plus his attitudes toward his family, hometown, religion, slaves and southerners always have seemed contradictory in many ways too.   

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