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 Posted: Wed Apr 25th, 2007 07:53 pm
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Ok I am mad as heck and need to vent here.  In a recent thread ON the VA. Tech. incident , it was mentioned that copycats would come. Well my daughters Middle  School (grades 5-8) seems to have become a target. Yesterday my childs school was put in lockdown , due to the fact that a bomb threat was found in the restroom.

Now the High School (separate building) has had 2 bomb threats before the VT incident and I am sure it was just the younger sibling of one of the HS students.  But the school is giving out zero Info and sent a note home with student but mine didnt get one cause there werent enough copies.

OK am I crazy for being upset have talked to other parents and they are like no big deal .  My daughter was totally freaked , didnt want to return to school today , wanted to be homeschooled , ect.   Some of this may have been my falt due to the fact that she asked why the flags were half staff last week following the VT incident and I explained to her what happened and how she should react if anything happened , pointing out how to the kids that climbed out the window had a good idea or baricading the door , and how to get away from someone that has ahold of  you, wanted my kid to have knowledge and have a fighting chance  if something should occur.  I am sure that what we talked about is some of the reason for the panic .  My wife is upset with me thinks I made a bad situation worse.


What are the opions of the parents out there ??

For background my Daughter is 11 and is slightly nieve for her age she believes in dragons and the like .

As a parent I would like to Jerk a knot in all of these stupid peoples tails , from this cho guy on.

the bible says the end times will be bad , not looking foward to that at all


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