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 Posted: Thu Apr 26th, 2007 01:58 am
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I was just throwing out that IMO not going to Augusta was a flaw in Sherman's strategy.  He destroys the mill there and the ANV is out of gunpowder before the end of 1864, war ends sooner.  Millidgeville was a much lesser target of strategic importance.

David (my only favorite Aggie):

After Atlanta fell, Sherman didn't really need to go to Augusta. It was all but finished as a supplier to the AoNV. The only thing left to do was to cut its RR north. Besides, Augusta was defended and Sherman wanted nothing to do with fighting on this trip. The point of the trek was to prove that the Confederacy couldn't protect its own territory. Having to fight his way to Savannah would have been counterproductive.

I consider his deceptions masterful. Pour troops into Augusta. Ooops, he's not going there. Lock up Charleston. Ooops. He's not going there. I have no doubt, and I suspect you don't either, that he could and would have crushed any real opposition if it had been placed in his way. I figure he just wanted to end the war with as little killing as possible. He would cheerfully put you through hell, but he really didn't want to kill you to do it. Never mind the hype; underneath it all, he was a gentle man.


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