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 Posted: Thu Apr 26th, 2007 03:57 pm
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That's not my understanding about the ANV and their powder supply.  Augusta was the place in the eastern Confederacy for gunpowder, if not Augusta, where was Lee getting his supply of gunpowder?

Sherman's feints were good, if unnecessary (did he really have to worry about feinting  Joe Wheeler and the Georgia Militia in that situation?).  But Augusta was the one Center of Gravity that was the most important target in the region.  It was completely unmolested and it is my understanding was making and shipping gunpowder until the end of the war.  Take it out in Novemeber 1864 and the ANV runs out of powder by the end of the year, per the books I've read.  Today as an Airpower strategist (assuming I could get a wing of B-52s back to 1864) Augusta is a day one, day 2 at the very latest, target in the Confederacy for me in late 1864.  Sherman completely ignored it and that was a strategic error that prolonged the war.

As references for my belief the powderworks was still shipping and producing powder until the end and that taking it off line would have starved the ANV of powder within a month, I cite:

Never for Want of Powder:

and the commander's George Washington Rains memoirs:

History of the Augusta Powder Works

Rains worked miracles at Augusta and is one of the unsung heroes of the war.

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