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 Posted: Thu Apr 26th, 2007 05:29 pm
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JDC Duke Snider was one of the great home run kings and center fielders at the same time Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle.   He held the record for the most home runs hit in the World series and the most times hitting four home runs in the World Series.   The Dodgers retired his number 4 when he retired.    Because Duke was from Compton where I grew up  we all knew about him.  The local sports writer was a friend of his .  His sons were in cub scouts with my brother .  All the scouts got an autographed ball one Christmas.  I got in line when they were passing them out figuring I was his biggest fan there should be one for me.  I was told boys only!!!  Well the best part is several years later when the Dodgers had moved to Los Angeles and the sports writer knew what a big fan I was of the Duke.  He got me a personalized signed baseball from Duke Snider for my birthday.  I never let my brother hear the end of that one.   Oh and the man also got me a autographed game ball from thefirst  World series the Dodgers won in Los Angeles.  I can't remember how many Hall of Famers are on that ball.  At least four.  



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