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 Posted: Fri Apr 27th, 2007 03:06 pm
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I'll agree that Augusta was a logical target, but it wasn't Sherman's intention to expend ammunition along the way. How was he to replace it?

It would have been easier to replace for him than it would have been for Lee's army in Virginia without Augusta.

As it was, Sherman had to fight for Millidgeville against the GSM expending ammunition, fighting for Augusta with the regional forces spread thin would not have been much more taxing in that regard.  If I was Sherman, I would not have altered the ultimate March to the Sea destination, just taken the left feint and maybe have my new left feint head for Columbia.

Another thing I thought the show overlydramatized was the supply situtation for Sherman.  At one point they showed Union troops marching barefoot near the end of the march, I don't recall reading that Sherman's men were in that desperate of straits.  Sherman was a worry wart throughout his life (especially compared to Grant)and I only get the impression he was concerned about his supply situation during the march (as he should be) and never overly worried.  As you say, the Confederacy was a shell at that point so he could be Alfred E. Neuman.

Good discussion, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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