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 Posted: Sat Apr 28th, 2007 03:19 pm
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One cannot look at history through the eyes of the present and expect to fully understand the causes and motives held in the past.
We today cannot conceive how our forefathers, black and white could hold each other in bondage. That being said today it has become politically correct to apologize and tiptoe around sensitive subjects particularly when they concern race, religion or gender, instead of addressing the issues head on.
Sherman in his day was a hero in the North and his tactics were acceptable by many. Today he would be tried and convicted as a war criminal. Should the Federal Government apologize to those in the South deprived of their property through the actions of Sherman against the civilian population? Should the Southern landowners who had their property confiscated by the Federal authorities be compensated today?
The very idea of an apology by governmental entities such as the State of Virginia, is divisive. Once again we are being separated by singling out one race.
If we look at history in the past as well as what is happening today we will find man has always sought to join others of his "kind" and separate or dominate other groups. We do it based on race, religion, even political affiliations. Just look at the rancor between Republicans and Democrats.
I have followed this thread in it's entirety, many good points have been made on both sides, but by it's nature this very thread has managed to divide. This is not constructive at all.
What will be accomplished by apologies today? Will anyone really feel better? Will anyone really forgive for past ills? I really don't think so. But it sure makes the politicians feel good. Maybe that is what all this is about. Political correctness and political feel good.

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