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 Posted: Sat Apr 28th, 2007 03:34 pm
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Born in the wrong century

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I'd have joined this discussion sooner, as I'm a NASCAR and Junior fan, but unfortunately was in the hospital for a week following emergency surgery. No fun! At least now I'm feeling good enough to enjoy the Talladaga race this weekend!

I started out as an Intimidator fan, and was enjoying watching Junior's career in the Busch series. Then, of course, there was that horrible Sunday at Daytona. These days Junior's my #1 driver, but I also like Harvick and Stewart. Yeah, Tony spouts off sometimes and talks before thinking, but at least he's honest. That's refreshing in an era of political correctness. I'm not suggesting that people be rude and obnoxious, but if Tony's ticked off about something, he'll tell you.

I've never been much of a Gordon fan, but really liked the tribute he made to Dale when he won the race last week. For fans (can you really call those folks fans?) to throw things at him for honoring #3 was...well, let's just call it stupid. Though I'll never be a fan of the #24, Gordon has earned my grudging respect over the last few years. Either he's growing up...or I am!:D

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