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 Posted: Wed Jan 11th, 2006 08:18 pm
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Sherman likes to point at the Confederates as ultimately responsible because they stored munitions in a machine shop at the railroad yard, the destruction of which led to more destruction than he really intended.  Suspiciously like his later excuses for what would happen in Columbia, SC.  However, he is more convincing with his Columbia excuses than he is with Atlanta.  Don't you check what is in a building before you torch it just to make sure you don't blow yourself up too?  Also why completely evacuate the town of all civilians if it is not your intention to lay waste to the place?  Sorry (and pardon the pun) where there is smoke there is fire and there are too many smoke trails following Sherman and his men to think they were all accidents out of control.

Sherman advocates say he started total war as if it was a good thing, so why does he avoid taking credit for total war and provide weak excuses?

BTW, I am an advocate of making war so terrible on the enemy that they will quit as quickly as possible, so I see no problem with his burning of Atlanta assuming he intended it, as I suspect he did. 

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