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 Posted: Sat Apr 28th, 2007 04:21 pm
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TrenchNerd ,

Thank you for making that point as well. I think that is one of the biggest issues right now.  The CW seems to be slipping from the General populations conscience. Granted the 145 Anniversary (Which has started) and the upcoming 150th will most likely spark interest again, but with the CW either not being taught in school or the following very shallow points are studied IE, THe south seceded, they fired on Fort Sumter, the Battle of Gettysburg was fought and was the turning point in the war, Lee surrendered at Appotmattox and we went right into reconstruction. Oh yes it was all about slavery.. (That last one almost makes me sick to my stomach.. ).

While I agree that I too struggled with some aspects of this, (South Carolina got the living crap kicked out of it), I thought it was very well done. We must remember they were trying to cover a 100 day campaign in 2 hours, with such major events as the fall  of Atlanta, Savanah, Charleston, Columbia and then the major battles of Aversboro and Bentonville included.. I was also a little bit upset with the lack of attention given to the surrender at Bennett Place. A major event as well.
But overall a very good job.


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