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 Posted: Mon Apr 30th, 2007 06:21 pm
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Susan, in what context was this letter written? I ask because coincidentally I just read yesterday in "Heyday" a novel about the late 1840s that is one of the most detailed and heavily researched historical novels I have read in recent years, that --how shall I phrase this delicately? I guess I can't. So I'll say what I read--one of the characters is looking to start up a business in which he manufactures condoms made from the superior gutta percha instead of the commonly used  Indian rubber.

Could the use of "scabbard" have been a veiled reference? I don't know. If I am out of line here, I am certainly much chagrined. It is just that I can't imagine a scabbard being made of any form of rubberized material. Such materials disintegrate in the heat and would not stand up well with constant exposure to severe weather conditions.

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