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 Posted: Mon Apr 30th, 2007 06:49 pm
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Cleburne fan thanks for the informatation .  You might be right.  The chapter is talking about Little Mac and Johnston's friendship.  How they would write to each other about issues and ideas how to improve the Army.

Symonds says "Johnston argued repeatedly for the use of gutta percha rather than India rubber in scabbards, and he was eager to get his hands on new models of revolvers for testing on the frontier ."  Maybe Symonds misunderstood the use of the term scabbard as it was in a letter talking about guns saddles and such . 

That would be a hoot to make such a mistake.  I read right over it at the time.  Only had it called to my attention by a friend who collects  Civil War sabres when I was telling him about the Mac Johnston friendship before the war.  I read him that section .  He said to me but Sabre scabbards are metal they don't have any rubber on them and gutta percha either for that matter.   Then I got curious and figured someone on here would know. 

He will crack up when I tell him what it might be.

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