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 Posted: Mon Apr 30th, 2007 08:01 pm
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I hope they post later on today.  I figured Johan or Basecat or Steve Cone would know the answer.  Hopefully one of them will come though.   I just read the US Army didn't give out condoms til WW2.  So now back to what is a scabbard in this context.  Help guys !!!!!!  Such a minor part of the book but it is bugging me . 

Well as my history teacher use to say in college at the end of a lecture " well as David Hume would say when he hit a snag in  philosophy  Oh well  I am going to go play tennis"   I actually am not going to play tennis but going to do other things for awhile and wait and see what others post. 

slight hijack:  this same professor use to throw chalk out the window and the mowers down below that always mowed during his class when it was warm and the windows were open.    He was quite a character and a great teacher. 

Okay back to thread . Help guys !!! Inquiring minds want to know.

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