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 Posted: Mon Apr 30th, 2007 11:53 pm
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Well darn , you are my weapons expert that I refer to  when in doubt.  You have said exactly what my South Carolina friend said last night on the phone.  It jumped right out at him when I read the quote from the book. 

What could gutta percha be used for that would be a replacement for India Rubber?  Would ground covers be made out of guttapercha instead of India Rubber? 

I even searched on line today for a way to Contact Craig Symond but he is retired from the Navy Academy now.   He told us that when he spoke to the West Coast Round Table Conference in Novemeber.   Wish I had been reading this then .  I could have asked him . 

Thanks for the information.  You are still my Weapons expert when I don't understand something. 


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