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 Posted: Tue May 1st, 2007 07:13 pm
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I and a friend visited the site  a couple of months ago, we were doing the Valley trip!. I saw the construction with my own eyes. The "bike path" is about 10 to 12' wide and as the COO of the Trust said was designed to allow two bike riders to pass each other. The road is built up and has drainage on either side. In addition another 20 feet or so on either side was clear cut through the woods.

A good example of how a path should be is the Cedar Creek battlefield and earthworks.

After walking the battlefield we did a number of other stops and it was when I returned back home I called and wrote to the CWPT. It was in this conversation I was told I was trespassing, I am a member of the CWPT! There were no No Trespassing signs. As a note one of the local property owners came over and talked to me while we were there and he was extremely upset and any chance of him donating or doing an easement on his historic property adjacent to the battlefield is gone. Another loss.

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