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 Posted: Tue May 1st, 2007 11:16 pm
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What major battlefields need protected in South Carolina?

What's left in South Carolina that needs to be protected that isn't already?

Indy19, how can you possibly say that about South Carolina. Most of the fortifications around Columbia are still in danger. Many fortifications around Charleston are in private hands, what hasn't been developed. Morris Island is still in negotiations. The actual site of what is left of Battery Wagner isn't in the deal from what I am told.
With one exception all of the fortifications still standing south of Charleston are in private hands. We just saved two batteries on Highway 17 from destruction from the state DOT. The Battle sites at Coosawatchie and Pocotaligo are not protected. The Earthworks at Honey Hill, and in the vicinity of Pocotaligo are in danger from logging and development. What of Castle Pinckney? Sitting in the harbor still filled with cannon, buried in mud, untouched from the end of the war, slowly deteriorating.
Very few CW related sites are protected or even identified! We need help in South Carolina as well.
But as has been posted unless the locals care then what is to be done? One of the problems is the changing population of the areas. Whereas 50 years ago in Virginia or South Carolina or Georgia most of the population was native born and raised. Today that figure is dropping to as low as 60% in Virginia.
It is up to all of us to do the education for without educating the citizens they feel no need to save something. Further muddying the waters is the Confederate Battle flag controversy and the PC tearing down of anything remotely connected to the Confederacy, from the flag to the song Dixie. If it is Confederate it is under siege.

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