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 Posted: Wed May 2nd, 2007 01:47 pm
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Received a response from Jim Campi this morning. (I had sent him the link to this thread and told him it concerned the bike trails) It's as follows in regards to this topic:

I am out of the office this week.  My Internet connection is primarily by cell phone, and I am having trouble reading the link you sent.  I will try to get access to a real computer sometime today so I can access the link.
However, I see it is related to our new interpretive trails at Third Winchester.  I have some great pictures of the new trails and will send them along if I can.
Suffice to say, there has been some concern raised about the new trails.  And, as always, we appreciate and encourage constructive criticism.  Our goal is to make this battlefield -- which is the least accessible we own, because of the strange shape of the property and the large hills that are difficult to climb without trails -- more accessible.  The finished trails will be 4-5 miles in length.
Prior to proceeding with the new trails, we had received criticism from local officials who supported preservation of the property when APCWS acquired it more than 10 years ago.  Their concern was that we had failed to (1) install interpretive signage so the average person could understand what happened there, and (2) install trails so that the property was accessible to the public.  As a result, local officials have been less willing to work with us in regard to other preservation opportunities in Frederick County at Cedar Creek, Stephenson's Depot, etc. -- because we had not done anything to make the Third Winchester site a heritage tourism (other than install a few signs at the entrance of the property).  Also, there was considerable rumbling among our membership that the site could not be visited without a professional tour guide.
Not sure this really addresses the concerns that may have been raised (I see from the link it is on the CWi forum, so I assume there is a thread going about this).  If I cannot access the link today, I will ask someone in the office to do so.

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