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 Posted: Thu May 3rd, 2007 03:54 am
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Texas Defender, I think your suggestion of Joe Wheeler is excellent. He must have been pretty well along in years when he fought in Cuba and the Philippines. It boggles my mind. I used to live in Manila and I know how exhausted I was after twenty-two hours of airports and airplanes in jumbo jets in business class just to fly from Miami to Manila via Chicago and Tokyo.

Wheeler had to SAIL on a rickity, rocking, cramped ship with few amenities and comforts. Then after days or weeks of ocean passage, he had to adapt to the tropical heat, typhoons, cloying humidity and risk of disease such as malaria and dengue fever (which I caught there). Again he would have few comforts.  I just don't see how he did it. Plus after his duty there, he had to come back the way he came. Utterly amazing man! 

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