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 Posted: Thu May 3rd, 2007 03:58 am
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If you want to read an interesting book about all the tribes that fought in the Civil War  read Between Two Fires.  I can't right now remember the author's name.   We read it in book discussion about a year ago.  Interesting how many tribes were involved.  Of course Ely Parker in Grants Staff actually hand wrote the surrender terms.  He was a full blood Senneca from New York. 

off thread but related ,  when I was a little kid my mother taught me the five civilized tribes.   I can't remember when I didn't know them  I did have problems with S one as it didn't fit. 

Think about the Seminoles though fighting for the South.  They would fight along any one that was fighting against the US who took their land.  Of course some of those Confederate Generals were in the Seminole Wars.  Joe Johnston for one. 


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