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 Posted: Thu May 3rd, 2007 10:50 pm
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   It has been asked what kind of an officer Albert Sidney Johnston was. If I had to give my impressions in one word, I would say: "Confident."

   Just before the battle of Shiloh commenced, General Beauregard and some of Johnston's staff were opposed to attacking the federals there. Johnston's reply was: "I would fight them if they were a million." This does not mean that he was rash. But he had made his decision to attack, and would not be turned away from  it. In  fact, once the battle had started, his reply to continued protests was basically to say: "Too late, the battle has begun."

Battle Of Shiloh

   The purpose of the staff is to give the commander all of the information needed for him to make his decision. Once his decision is made, then the staff is charged with seeing that his instructions are carried out.

   Of course, we have no report from Johnston to explain what was on his mind before he made his decision, or exactly how he made it. But once he made it, he seemed sure that he was right. If a commander does not believe in his own judgment, then probably someone else should be in command.

   Here is a short bio of ASJ from the excellent HANDBOOK OF TEXAS ONLINE.
JOHNSTON, ALBERT SIDNEY | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical
   I have had to update this link. (13Feb12). ( In the duel with Felix Huston in 1837, ASJ was shot in the right hip.)

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