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 Posted: Fri May 4th, 2007 03:40 am
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Hubby doesn't cry in many movies, but I know he did cry in "Rudy" the first several times he saw it. He also cried in "Forest Gump." Oh yes, I nearly forgot the much more recent "The Queen" about how the royal family handled the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana. Helen Mirren won an Oscar for that part.

I know there are others but I can't remember for sure which ones right off hand. He tends to be moved by true stories of people overcoming great tragedy or surmounting seemingly impossible challenges. He loves stories of underdogs who succeed against all odds. 

Oh, I just remebered two more..."Ghost" with Demi Moore and whats his name...the dancer plus Whoopie Goldberg. He also cried in that Robin Williams movie, "Mrs. Doubtfire."

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