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 Posted: Fri May 4th, 2007 11:00 pm
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Qualifying, hell yes, I'm there:  just me and The Speed Channel tonight.

But its getting kinda weird for me.  I like to have a "bad guy" as well as a "good guy" in about everything.  Well, when it comes to car makes, (as opposed to drivers) "Toyota" is my "bad guy" in any race, don't matter who is driving.  And, I'll admit, it's a quirk on my part.  I like The Big Three.  But if one had to argue American economy, pro'bly Toyota contributes as much to the American economy as the traditional American-made do these days.  Still, I really enjoy seeing Toyota's trounced.

I like Chevys best, but I'll take anything over a Toyota, in general principle.

But now, darnit, I want to have a "bad guy" that I can respect.  And the Toyota's just aren't doing that for me these days.  Besides, I think Michael Waltrip is a kick; I like Dale Jarret, and there is some gawky guy with a name like "almendinger", how can you not smile over that?

It is really bugging me that these guys just can't seem to "get in the race".. .Or if they do, stay there.

I may actually be reduced to pulling for a Toyota driver in qualifying. 

OK, I'll pull for Jarret.

May God have mercy on my soul, LOL!

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