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 Posted: Fri May 4th, 2007 11:02 pm
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Battle of Secessionville , near Charleston,  Interesting the Swamp Angel that was used by the Union to shell Charleston is now in New Jersey.   Would be nice to have more signage along the route of Potter's raid toward the end of the war.  Columbia burning was major inccident .  Thank goodness Blue and Grey had a driving tour  for Columbia and for Secessionville.  I had a flyer from a friend of Potter's raid , still have to go back and do more on that one. 

The major restoration in South Carolina is Florence Stockade  in Florence .  The friends of the stockade need help to restore the site.  They have purchased the land which has never been developed.  They are hoping to make it a site to honor the three groups who were there.  The union prisoners, the confederate guards and the slaves that built it.   Next to the site of the stockade is the National Cemetery that holds the body of the first woman buried in a national cemetery Florena Budwin who was discovered to be a woman when she fell ill in the stockade. 

Prisoners were taken here when Union forces were nearing Andersonville. 

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