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 Posted: Thu Jan 19th, 2006 04:37 pm
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I didn't really care much for this program. There were some good spots, but the negatives overwhelmed them.

Jean Baker added nothing to the program, aside from annoyance. The whole sexuality thing would have been better served on a station like Lifetime for Women. To allude that Lincoln was gay is ridiculous anyway, aside from the fact that there is no hard evidence.

Gore Vidal's negative comments about the current administration and war were unneccesary and even offensive as when he compared to war on terror to war on dandruff. Plus he called the Civil War, the WORLD'S bloodiest, which clearly it's not.

We should have heard more from Douglas Wilson and Harold Holzer, or any number of other Lincoln experts that were not on the program.

They delved too much into psychoanalysis.

If I were asked what documentary to watch about Abraham Lincoln, I would not even mention this one.

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