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 Posted: Sat May 5th, 2007 02:24 pm
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Indy while most would agree that the Vicksburg's and Gettysburg's are major battles and rightly need to be preserved, there are many other sites that are in many ways just as important to the story as the major battles.

While not as glamorous, or not having thousands killed in battle, their story and preservation is important indeed.

If we only preserve the major battle sites we are turning our backs on the tens of thousands that died in service to their country who died in small skirmishes, or by disease. We are forgetting the small engagements and movements that sapped troops from elsewhere. We are forgetting the incidents that help make the "major battles" what they are today.

At many of the battle sites today there is no above ground physical reminder of the blood shed there, just rolling hills and if lucky an old farmhouse or two. Yet at the same time there are hundreds of earthworks and skirmish sites covering thousands of acres all across this country that are in danger of destruction from neglect, development or just plain forgotten. These too may not be major battle sites but still make up the fabric of the story of the war. Many of these earthworks and sites are untouched since the war, unlike much of the earthworks in major parks like Vicksburg and Petersburg, to say nothing of the many roads, paths and even visitor centers, some right in the middle of the battlefield!

Here in South Carolina very few earthworks or even battlegrounds are preserved or in the public domain.  Whole masonry forts like Castle Pinckney in Charleston Harbor lie dormant, slowly crumbling before our eyes. Many beautifully preserved earthworks are in danger and not even recorded. While I will agree they are not Gettysburg's, they are tangible evidence of the sacrifices by both sides in this conflict and deserve protection.

If one were to read your post the impression I get is only major battlefields need protecting.  And since according to your interpretation there are no major battlefields in South Carolina, then it really doesn't make a difference whether they are preserved or not. I certainly hope I am interpreting your post wrong.

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