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 Posted: Sat May 5th, 2007 03:59 pm
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Born in the wrong century

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javal1 wrote: Seems a search for a bad guy is underway. May I nominate Kurt Busch? Half the driver is younger brother is, and twice the a**hole.
I will always remember Kurt Busch as the last person Dale Earnhardt flipped off. Anyone else recall that fateful Daytona 500? Early in the race, KB pulled a move that "distressed" Big E, and Earnhardt expressed his displeasure by sticking his arm out the window and giving Busch the bird. The announcers even ran a replay, joking about Earnhart "waving" at Busch. I figure if Kurt Busch was good enough for Dale to flip off, he's good enough for me to flip off, too. :D

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