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 Posted: Thu Jan 19th, 2006 05:24 pm
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I won't watch the program until Saturday night but your analysis is pretty close to what others are telling me and what  I feared the show might be.  I have to reserve my comments until I see it but I too am tired of the homosexual spin on Lincoln as well. 

Hell let's just speculate that he was a pedophille too because his father abused him,  he had a close relationship with his children and he sure was broke up when Willie died so he must have been a pedophille. 

I wish people with a political agenda would stop writing "history."

BTW, I did watch the first installment of PBS's "The War that Made America" last night and it was quite good.  The episodes are almost stand alone so you can watch it next week and not be lost (four epsidoses total).  Good indepth view of the French and Indian War for television anyway, although not much from the French perspective, more the English and Indian viewpoint.

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