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 Posted: Sun May 6th, 2007 10:03 pm
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Thanks Ole, I was afraid of that.   I even tried to take a picture with my digital but didn't work out well.  I was going to take the picture then print it.  I do have a regular printer and dial up service so downloading is for ever .  I will look at the sites you mentioned.  The maps in Symonds book aren't bad.  Just have to keep turning back to the page. 

The Atlas I have I won at a book raffle at the Sacramento West Coast Round Table Conference this fall.  I won a book and when I went to the table to choose there was no choice I saw what I really wanted. The Atlas.  Friends said I had a grin from ear to ear walking back to my seat hugging the atlas.  It is great to look at but hard to handle .  I dod keep a modern Road Atlas next to the other one when I am reading to put the sites in some modern day driving relationship. 



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