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 Posted: Mon May 7th, 2007 04:12 am
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Kitchen table. The only place for the "atlas," unless you have a persnickety houseperson who insists that the table be presentable for anticipated people who come only when summoned or, at least, give three weeks' advance notice of their arrival.

I won't complain about mine. THE atlas has been for months open on a tv table next to her chair which I have coopted rather than moving the reading lamp back to my chair which has no adjacent space for THE atlas. Inasmuch as I haven't referred to it in months, I may have to relent and restore the space to its original owner, move the lamp to MY chair. and find a place to put THE atlas where it doesn't interfere with regular traffic. (Daggone thing doesn't fit on any shelf. Might just lean it against the back of my desk where I don't trip over it in the dark.)

I like maps. Very much. Perhaps more than the battle. In fact, my fascination with maps predates my affection for the USCW. There's something about a map -- almost like being there. Not quite, but there's no way I can be all the places I want to be. The map fills in the gap.


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