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 Posted: Fri Jan 20th, 2006 09:51 pm
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My thanks to Cwi for their excellent (and timely) reviews!  I watched the program and soon after fell asleep, catching what I missed on the replay that same night.

It's utterly characteristic of the modern period that anyone famous in the past was neurotic, abused, depressed, and/or battling a wide variety of other pathologies.  No doubt this says a great deal more about these historians and their generation than it does about the great figures of history.  We seem to be wallowing in our own psychic deformities that people in their day would find uncomprehensible.

There's hardly a mention of Lincoln's step mother, Sarah Bush Johnston.  I have read biographies that state Lincoln had a very warm and loving relationship with his step mother all his life and she played a very crucial and supportive role in his life.

As I watched "The Darkness of Abraham Lincoln" revisionist history, which was the production's working title for nearly three years, I kept wondering how someone as pathologically "depressed" as Abe allegedly was could possibly have told all those jokes and humorous little stories for which his friends and enemies alike best remembered him - not to mention all the memorable quotable ad libs attributed to him.  What was missed, and what left wing liberals always miss, is the tremendous load Lincoln had to bear fighting the Civil War.  Not only the politics, but the conduct of the war, failed Generals, political opportunists, foreign countries that wished America ill, insurrection at home in loyal states, undercover operations by the enemy, and the opposite political party, the Democrats, undermining the war effort at every turn.  Sound familiar, Gore Vidal?

All this wishy-washy jazz about a man who lived in a different time and age is pure BS.  Lincoln was a product of his time.  What we have in common with Lincoln is that all of us have our moments in love, family, and death and living life itself.  Was Lincoln depressed?  I'll bet he was.  I've never met a soul who wasn't at one time or another.  He rose above it, always keeping his gifted eyes on the prize that really mattered.  No matter how liberal vermin try to paint Lincoln as a whacko or gay, they will never succeed.  Lincoln was a blessing from God to the United States, and thus, he will always remain.

I wouldn't recommend this program to anyone.  While I wouldn't go so far as to say it's garbage for it does shed some light on Lincoln's early years, it certainly contains yellow journalism, a load of speculation with no facts to substaniate the BS.

History Channel programming is heading downhill in my view.  Did anyone watch The Crusades (those darn Christians!)?  Mail Call and older programming is about the only thing I find worth watching over there anymore.







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