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 Posted: Tue May 8th, 2007 04:55 am
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Joanie I have read Wiley Swords  book.  Also read Stonewall of the West which is Symonds book on Patrick Cleburne .  Also Shrouds of Glory which is also about the events leading up to Franklin and Spring Hill.  I need to reivew my Sword book before I go to Franklin next month. 

I am looking forward to the discussion tomorrow night at book discussion night at the Drum.  This Joseph Johnson book will bring out some good discussion.  This will be the last meeting I go to til September as we take the summer off.  I will miss next month's book on Little Mac , the book for September is one written by one of the members of the group.  It is very short and  reads like he talks .  (bad me)  So from now til October I can catch up on my other Civil War reading and other books. 

The more I read about Hood the more I don't like him.   The more I read about Johnston I notice he has something Hood doesn't have . . . He has a code of Honor. 


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