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 Posted: Tue May 8th, 2007 05:47 am
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The more I read about Hood the more I don't like him.   The more I read about Johnston I notice he has something Hood doesn't have . . . He has a code of Honor. 

Susan, I fully agree with you.

Had he stopped short of the intrigues that led to his command of the Army of Tennessee, I would have held respect for Hood; there was much of the good soldier about him.  I like to read about his earlier exploits in the war, I find much about that man likable and admirable, and that JBHood has given me some big smiles.

I just feel that Hood, Bragg, and Davis got together in this one and made big fools of themselves together (or for those of us with children, they "went to The Big Dufus Convention") , with the outcome being the utterly wasteful distruction of the Army of Tennessee.

As I recall, General William Hardee was also a possibility for the position, and unlike Hood, had RE Lee's endorsement. But, Bragg thought that if he bad-mouthed Hardee to Davis, he might ultimately end up being reappointed himself, (besides, he had a grudge against the man, anyway), so, well, the rest is very sad history. 

I'm going to have to read this Symonds book soon.  I've got about four in front I want to work through;  but the more I read of JE Johnston, the more I like and respect him. 


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