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 Posted: Tue May 8th, 2007 01:34 pm
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Basecat wrote: Evening all.

I only have one question.  Who donated money to save the property??  The members of the CWPT.  And yet, no word to the members about this project and our thoughts on it??  Never considered until after the fact.  I guess it is easier to deal with a Bike club than their own members of their organization.

I have been a member of APCWS/CWPT for 10 years now, and I am tired of hearing how the members mean so much to the preservation of Battlefield ground.  Last I checked, Winchester is a nice sized town, and there are plenty of places for folks to ride their bikes.  And yet, this subject was never mentioned in the many missives that arrive here in the mail.

IMHO, they continue to do a bad job communicating with their members, and I know why they did not say anything about this to the members, as the majority would have said no freaking way should a bike trail be placed on Hallowed Ground.

I understand Javal's point of working with the locals on deals such as this, but it would be nice if members of the organization had some say in the matter.  But we don't.  I guess our only function is to hand over money and once done to keep our mouths shut.

Regards from the Garden State,

Steve Basic

Shouldn't we wait before jumping to conclusions? Look what's already happened here with people jumping to conclusions. Maybe a couple generous people donated the money for this specific project. Maybe the money came from other sources. It's easy to make assumptions without all the facts. They are pretty good about responding to members inquiries, perhaps you should send them a detailed email.

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