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 Posted: Wed May 9th, 2007 09:18 pm
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Noticed this article:

under the heading

  • City That Bought Slave Just Before Sherman's Arrival Is Asked to Make Apology
  • in today's CWi "more news" section.

    I thought it was pretty interesting, both the factoids and the commentaries.

    These included:

    "Yeah, why not (issue an apology)?" said Alderman Clifton Jones, who is black. "It's just some words."

    When asked if the apology would make any difference, he said: "Not at this point."


    Toure said an apology would be good but it's not intended to make anyone feel bad.

    "What starts to happen (after an apology) is there is an honest dialogue and now start to address some of the ills."


    But don't expect an apology soon from Mayor Otis Johnson. He said he wouldn't have a position on the issue until the entire Savannah City Council can discuss it.

    "I'm busy fighting poverty, I'm fighting crime, I'm trying to renew neighborhoods, I'm looking at economic development and job creation," Johnson said. "Everybody has their burden to bear and right now this is somebody else's burden. I'm not spending any of my time on it because it's more symbolic than anything else and I have to deal with the substantive issues of making the city better for everybody."

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