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 Posted: Mon Jan 23rd, 2006 05:14 pm
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Okay, I've seen it now and there have been some very good comments posted so far that I don't need to rehash.  Just who the heck was that British woman in the show and what made her the expert and the person to get the last word in, she added nothing to the show.  I think the producers of this show went in with an agenda and asked everyone to respond in kind.  There were several errors in the show I noted and many ridiculous assertions.  Even the ususually respectable Jay Winik with his Lincoln never carried a pocket or pen knife for fear he would kill himself screws up.  AHHHH Jay, ever see the contents of Lincoln's pockets the night he died-- he had a penknife.

Overall a very poor production and the only person who kept it on the even keel was Mr. Wilson who  didn't give in to the producer's desire for the sensational.  Oh and as to my previous post about Lincoln being a pedophille, not only that, he was a necrophiliac Pedophile why else was he reopening Willie's grave?

I'll cut the History Channel some slack this time because their show on Camp Douglas wasn't bad.

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