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 Posted: Thu May 10th, 2007 02:02 am
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If ASJ had not been wounded, he might have insisted on more vigorous action than was actually taken to push the federals back against the river. He might even have continued after dark, I cannot say. If he could have produced a general rout, the end might have been different. However, once Grant survived the first day, with Buell's men now streaming in, I don't think that ASJ could have won on the second day.

Putting on my nitpicky hat, Texas (excellent post, by the way). It was Johnston's intention to peel the Yanks away from the river and mire them in the swampy ground near Owl and Snake Creeks. It was an excellent plan, but obstructing that plan was a severe lack of knowledge of the actual ground, ignorance of the real Yank positions, some overly ambitious marching plans, and Beauregard.

When he was killed, he was the only leader on the field who was working on the original plan -- the others had marched off to the sound of the guns. Although his drive was instrumental in surrounding the Yanks near the Hornet's Nest, he couldn't have known that the all-but-impassable Dill Branch would preclude accomplishing his goal (the bad map thing, lateness of the hour, and Grant's "Last Line").

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