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 Posted: Thu May 10th, 2007 06:36 am
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By that time, the average soldier did want to "fight smart", and knew the advantage of digging in.  These forward charges thru open areas were understood to be suicidal.  When the "paper collar soldiers" were brought into the Wilderness from the forts around Washington DC, one thing the veterans repeatedly commented on  was how they just stood up in line to fight (and fell in line) instead of trying to dig in or find cover.

I've read a few accounts saying that the final charge Grant ordered at Cold Harbor was basically refused by the troops.  Geoge Walsh's book, "Damage Them All You Can" contains this summary: 

"Some hours after the failure of the....assault, General Meade sent instructions to each Corps Commander to renew the attack....but no man stirred, and the immobile lines produced a verdict, silent yet emphatic, against further slaughter."

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