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 Posted: Tue Jan 24th, 2006 05:53 pm
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I want to start making homemade summer sausage to take when I'm going away for the weekend to participate in reenactments. I've never made any before.

In the past, I buy it at the store and toss it into my haversack to eat as the need strikes me. Some of the recipes I've found on the internet, however, suggest that the homemade stuff needs to be kept cold, whereas other websites suggest that summer sausage does not need to be kept cold; hence the name "summer" sausage.

My questions are 1) Does anyone have a good summer sausage recipe and or advice for a beginner? 2) Can I just keep the summer sausage in my haversack while I'm reenacting (I don't want to take a cooler with me!) 3) Reenacting season is a few months away for me (and I want to make the sausage now, because I'm bored!) how long can I keep the sausge (refriderated or frozen) before it's no longer any good?

Any other ideas or suggestions are appreciated!


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