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 Posted: Tue Jan 24th, 2006 07:26 pm
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Albert Sailhorst

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Hey, thanks for the info!

As fate would have it, bar-be-cueing and smoking is another hobby of mine.....I have 3 grills of varying sizes, with side fire-boxes, smoke stacks....everything I need to keep from cooking in the kitchen over the summer and to make the neighbors envious when the wood-smoke flows out the stacks!!!! The more I'm outdoors drinking a homemade beer (yes, I make my own beer, too!!....If I could figure out a way to generate electricity and make my own toilet paper, I'd be self-sufficient!!....heehee....) the more I like it!!

Anyway, I have fiberous casings for the summer sausage and a grinder (that I bought 2 years ago and never took out of the box!) so I should be set to start making sausage.....

Thanks for the info!!....That's a recipe I'd certainly like to try!!

Albert Sailhorst, Cannoneer, Scott's TN Battery

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