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 Posted: Sun May 13th, 2007 10:45 pm
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Thank you, Kj.  I am grateful for your opinion.

I can't really respond, as right now, it is the end of the Darlington race, and I don't whether to cry or cry.

I think that Basecat just took this catagory back into "Movies that make men cry", and I think that is an awfully good thread.  So, I feel kinda bad about posting here and detracting from that particular thread, and urge everyone following these catagories to go back to the "movies that make men cry" thread.

PS - Joe, Your Man is The Man!  My Daddy died early, so I have a weakness for "father figures" and try to stear clear of them for my own silliness's sake.  But, Damn, Mark Martin is More Than Worthy.

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