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 Posted: Mon May 14th, 2007 02:51 am
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REB ... looks like u are gonna have to tolerate Kyle some huh Cool that your daughter and you can share something.

My wife watches NASCAR some used to watch more when TX terry raced , now she cheers for Jamie Mcmurry LOL but she just thinks hes cute.

I do have a 13 month old son that I am doing my best to make a 24 fan (brainwashing lol is a fathers right LOL) he and i were watchin the Darlington race today and he starts yellin GO, GO, GO like dad at the TV.

OH and By the way GO 24 .. the boy was awful last year and now with the new supermodel wife and baby he is on a mission , is it because he is worried about paying alamonie ( i know i misspelled that ) to Brooke or keeping his new supermodel wife in the tax bracket she's accustom to or paying for that new baby that is making him runs so good. either way she needs to get pregnant at the start of every race season. LOL


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