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 Posted: Mon May 14th, 2007 11:49 pm
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Thanks for the posts, Younglobo,

Really enjoyed them, and will respond later!  Hey - does it get boring to see your driver win so often, ROFL.

There are a lot of excellent posts relating to history on the CWi board, and here I am, back on the NASCAR thread.  But that's just because, well, I walked in from work and caught an annoucement on ESPN:  Jr.'s facing some sort of VERY serious punishment because of an infringement in the Darlington race?

Well, this was serendipitious:  I had an 11:00 am meeting cancelled last Thrusday, so I came home - and as is my habit, hit the sports channels before I did anything else, and so got in on the live telecast of Jr.'s press conference.  Was enthralled, watching his outward composure mixed with his inward emotion, both plain to be seen. 

One thing that kept hitting me was how there was how an inward "cringe" kept showing in his eyes when he talked about possible "bad feelings" amongst his crew.

Then, I saw another interview with him over the weekend, where his words were all controlled, but he mentioned that he understood bad feelings amongst his crew, and his eyes were not so light-hearted at all.  And, I started thinking, OMG, what must it be like to run with a crew that is angry at you?  Your life is in their hands.  Even if they think they will do you no wrong, well, won't their anger work out, even unconsciously, one way or another?  I was actually afraid for Jr.'s well-being on the race-track.  I sure wouldn't want to have my life depend on someone who wasn't feeling kindly towards me.

Now, This.  Don't know the whole story yet, but saw:

D.E. Jr. defending Tony Jr., saying he (D.E. Jr.) is sure it was just a mistake on Tony Jr.'s part.

Well, I don't know the whole story.  But, well, shit.....

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