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 Posted: Tue May 15th, 2007 03:05 pm
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Don't let Newt Gingrich's political beliefs and controversial Congressional tenure taint your view of this novel (witness several scathing reviews at by people full of political vitriol who probably haven't even read the book). Gettysburg is as much the work of William R. Forstchen (who has written a number of novels and stories on his own), but it also highlights Newt Gingrich as storyteller and historian."

No way!  Everyone knows conservatives are just slightly above the Neanderthals in higher thinking. ;) 

Sheesh, should I guess I should be discounting authors who write for the New York Times as their political beliefs probably taint everything they do too?

Anyway, Gore's Earth in the Balance tome certainly demonstrates his abilities as a storyteller.  Pretty imaginative stuff for a guy who doesn't recognize the busts of the founding fathers and has prose that is indistinguishable from the Unabomber Manifest. :P

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